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Fast Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Results. All in the comfort of your own home...


At Last! An Online Workout and Fat Loss Program That Actually Produces Long-Lasting & Life-Changing Results!

This is your complete fitness program

All it takes is 20 Minutes, 3X a Week, At Home!

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  • Know Exactly What Exercises To Do

    Maximum Fat Loss, Muscle Target Sculpting, Never Get Bored Exercising Again

  • Know Exactly What To Eat To Burn Fat

    Discover a method of eating that melts fat off your body and allows you to eat ice cream.

  • Keep Your Butt Moving

    Ryan keeps close track of you, so you stay motivated and held accountable

Every Month You Get Incredible Weekly Follow-Along Workouts Videos


Discover My Secret Routines To Get Your Dream Body

  • Beach Body Arms Workout
  • High Intensity Bodyweight Cardio
  • Lower Body Attack
  • Quick Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout
  • Epic Challenge Workouts
  • The “I Can’t Get Out Of Bed” Workout
  • Tabata HIIT Interval Workouts
  • Get Smoked and Jacked



Seriously, We are Talking Over $600 Worth of New Workouts and Training Tools For You Every Month


Every Month You Get A Brand New Workout Program to Follow


3 New Workout Videos Every Week + Bonus Video


Every Month


For The Entire Year!


Just Imagine The Results You Would Get Training With Me For A Full Year...

Here's How Much It WON'T Be


 If you were to hire Celebrity Trainer Ryan Shanahan to take you through just the workouts in Phase 1, you would pay $150/hour.

That’s $450 for the week or $1,800 for the month. 

Great decision if you can swing it.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS… I won’t charge you…

Over $7,200 like you'd pay to train with me in person for the year…


$3,600 like you'd pay an average trainer for 12 months of possibly wasted time. (We have all seen it)

While the vast majority of online workout sites are focusing on low prices and high volume.

Ryan Raw provides a better quality service and more personal experience and thats a Promise!

Get instant access to the following:

  • HiiT Home Workouts
  • Cheat Clean Recipes
  • Practical Approach to Intermittent Fasting (IF)
  • Fitness Motivation and Goal Setting Coaching Sessions
  • Exercise Demonstration Library
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Injury Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • Exclusive access to my Celebrity Target Sculpting Program 

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Regular Price: $199

Special One Time Fee: $99

I’m so confident you will love the RyanRaw Fitness System that I’m offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just give it a try and see how easy it is to lose fat. There’s absolutely zero risk to try it. If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds and inches in less time… let me know and you get your money back. Your first week of workouts and nutrition will be available for instant access after payment

Let Us Get Your Dream Body For You!


Check Out What Members Are Saying About This Program

Wow! I have a real life Celebrity Trainer revealing all the secrets to getting lean, strong and sexy. It's so easy to follow and all my trouble spots are now my best spots!

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Ryan Raw Online Workout Member

Gave today everything I had and then some! One day at a time, one workout at a time, one rep at a time. Ryan Raw keeps me going.

Louis Lay
Louis Lay Ryan Raw Online Workout Member

Exactly the kind of workout program I was looking for. Combines cardio, core and strength all in 20 minutes. Always look forward to every new workout video.

Adrienne. M
Adrienne. M Ryan Raw Online Workout Member

"Enough Is Enough!"

Are You Fed Up With Being Out Of Shape...Ready To Get Serious...And Finally Get The Body You Have Been Dreaming Of...

...Then It's Time You Meet Ryan Shanahan

online workouts kettlebell

Dear Friend:

It’s really true…You CAN Lose Weight and Keep it Off FOREVER!

And, it really isn’t difficult…once you let me show you how...

With so much nonsense floating around in cyberspace it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to know what to believe and what not to believe.

It is absolutely essential that my organized, strategic and science-based information gets into your hands.

Now, for all my skeptical friends out there, let me share this with you first to set your mind at ease and show you how this online body sculpt and weight loss program is different – REALLY DIFFERENT!

How is it different?

You mean, other than the fact that IT WORKS?

That’s easy.  It’s different because…I UNDERSTAND.


Allow me to fully introduce myself and tell you what I mean when I say, “I understand your struggles with weight loss."

My name is Ryan Shanahan and yes, I train celebrities to look great naked, but, I'm also a Dad and Husband. I understand that Life gets busy, life gets hard and you don't mean to, but you get out of shape, you have low energy, low self confidence and hate looking at your flabby love handles and cringe at the cellulite. Your uncomfortable showing your body to anyone, even your own husband or wife. But you know deep inside, you can get it together, get on the right program and make a comeback and start feeling Strong, Sexy and In Charge!!

ryan shanahan before and after

Take a look, I'm not only your Ryan Raw trainer, I'm a Ryan Raw customer and so is my wife! These Ryan Raw Online Workout programs are the same workouts I used to make my above Body Transformation, and I did it training at home, with a Kettlebell and only training 3x a week.

Tanya & Ryan RawMy wife and I don't have naturally gifted six-pack abs, I'm not on steroids, We have 2 young kids that are jumping all over us all day, and never want to sleep, oh yeah and a crazy work schedule, did I mention the old sports injuries. Our list of excuses could go on for days, but truly listen, if you want to make the same changes to your body like we easily do, You stay at home, grab your Kettlebell, follow the specially designed routines and your done 10-20 minutes maximum. Stick with the program for at least 30 daysand I guarantee you will look and feel

Brand New!

Ryan Raw Flex KW Kettlebell

It's no joke when I say this program can literally save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours.

Not only will you incinerate all the fat, sculpt your body from head to toe, get your body strong, improve your health, and make you feel sexier, but it will give you the CONFIDENCE, BELIEF and ATTITUDE to go chase down any far-fetched goal you want to achieve in your business/career, relationships or life.

This is literally life-changing information.

So, as you can see, I very much understand the weight loss battle, and I know what it takes to lose weight.  I’ve dedicated my life to helping people lose weight, regain health and feel great!  Now, I want to help YOU tone up, lose weight and feel great, too!!

I’m 100% dedicated to helping you Get Strong, Toned and lose your unwanted weight NOW!

Let’s get started.

Success is right around the corner,

Your Coach,

Ryan Shanahan

P.S. – Now’s your chance to take advantage of OUR LIMITED 2-WEEK SPECIAL OFFER PRICE and see for yourself that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS GOALS! P.P.S. – While the vast majority of online workout sites are focusing on low prices and high volume, Ryan Raw provides a better quality service and a more personal experience. I promise.



Regular Price: $199

Special One Time Fee: $99

I’m so confident you will love the RyanRaw Fitness System that I’m offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just give it a try and see how easy it is to lose fat. There’s absolutely zero risk to try it. If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds and inches in less time… let me know and you get your money back. Your first week of workouts and nutrition will be available for instant access after payment

Need to know a little more?

Sure thing.  Let me share some more details about our weight loss program and how you can start seeing results immediately.  But first, let me overcome one of the biggest concerns I get when I talk to people about my weight loss program:

“Is this program really right for me?  Am I going to be able to handle it?”


“Is this program really right for me?  Is it going to be too easy or basic?”

That is a very legitimate concern, and actually one I think needs to be asked.  Unfortunately, in today’s quick-fix and make-money-fast world a lot of good people are sold on weight loss programs that just aren’t appropriate for them.  Many of them are too generic, while others are way too advanced, and some are just downright INSANE!

The short answer to you question is, YES!

Now, let me explain how and why my Online Body Sculpting & Weight Loss Program IS Appropriate for ALL Fitness Levels.”

Seriously, this program works for EVERYONE who wants it to.  Just take a look at these amazing results from all different types of people.  I bet one of our successful members started off in a very similar spot as you…


How An Overworked Career Woman Whittled 40lbs of Flab Off Her Body, Without Ever Leaving Her House!

Linda Ryan Raw Before and After

I'm in The Best Shape of my Life Thanks To This Kettlebell Program!

"Ryan Shanahan showed me the way to regain a fit body in record time! In fact, I lost three and a half inches off of each thigh. And it was easy. I'm still stunned, because I've NEVER been able to lose a single pound before without starving myself and being miserable. The fact that I got my shape back so fast and was never hungry, never unhappy, and actually had fun doing it…well, I'm just blown away. And I'll bet you will be, too, once you start Ryan Shananan's Kettlebell 365 Shred Program Today!"

- Linda, Toronto Canda

We Lost 15% Body Fat!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.33.24 AM



Just doing repetitive exercises on cardio machines at the gym drove us crazy and long distance running hurts our knees. So, when we discovered Ryan's Online Kettlebell 365 Shred program, we were excited that we could get a great cardiovascular workout and do weight training at the same and in a short amount of time. With The Ryan Raw Online Workout Program, you can do so many different routines and you can get such an intense workout. It's absolutely wonderful. You Won't Find A Better Online Workout Then This. 

Sarah and John - Ireland


I Look Better Then Before I Got Pregnant!
Alanna B&A SHRED

I toned up and finally lost those extra stubborn pounds

Doing Ryan Shanahan's program has changed my life for the better. I see the appeal Online Workouts will have with working moms and women. Time constraints are always a factor. Training at the gym requires at least one-and-a-half to two hours easily, which makes an easy excuse to skip exercise altogether, but with these online workouts, I can keep a kettlebell at home, train for 10-20 minute 3x a week and get amazing results!

- Alanna, Transformation Test Group

I Couldn't Imagine NOT Having This Program In My Life!
Fat to Fit

I am overwhelmed with the results that I achieved. 
Not only did I lose over 25 pounds, but my lifestyle completely changed. I have TONS more energy, I am wearing clothes that fit me versus clothes that hid me. My blood pressure and Cholesterol have been tested and confirmed to be at the levels of a healthy 25 year old.

- Thomas, Ohio Ryan Shanahan Transformation Group

Alexx Before & After Picutre Ryan Raw

It's Truly Amazing!

This Ryan Raw Program Got Me Toned, A Flat Stomach and New Energy, that I never had before. In the past I was scared of getting bulky muscles and never really incorporated weights, but adding in the kettlebells really changed my body, especially taking inches off my hips and waistline. Best part is, this program is super easy to follow and only requires 1 hour of exercise per week. I can fit that in!

- Alexx, Ryan Raw Transformation Test Group

Romeo Lost Over 100lbs in 1 Year Following This Program!

“Finally!  An Online Body Sculpting & Weight Loss Program That’s Appropriate for ALL Fitness Levels.”

“Now It’s Your Turn To Tone Up, Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look The Best You Ever Have.  You Deserve It, Too!”


...The Secret To Achieving Your Dream Body is by Tapping into the Secrets of this Celebrity Trainer Program.

Personal Results from My Journey with this Program...

Jennifer Ryan Raw Before & After

Okay, first of all, I went to the store to purchase a kettlebell, there are different kettlebell sizes, but Ryan recommended for women to start with a 15 pound Kettlebell.

I didn't tell my husband about my new online workout program…just in case I couldn't do it...

On the next Monday, I started with Ryan's Core Workout, I was so excited to try it and did kettlebell exercises for the very first time…learning as I went.

My muscles were really working to control the weight. But the instructor, Ryan Shanahan was so thorough, there was no way to get hurt! I've never seen such efficient teaching in a prerecorded video.

He had his beautiful and fit wife in the video (She's also a Mom of 2, so inspiring) demonstrate the right form to work the kettlebell - It was a genius teaching method because little corrections make a huge difference with kettle bell workout results.

Wow! I couldn't believe how taut my legs, arms and stomach felt after just a few exercises. I was ecstatic!

After just a few DAYS, I saw my body change. I had a flatter stomach, a tighter upper body and best of all, looser pants!

Here's what I experienced just in the first 30 days of working out just 10 - 20 minutes flat, three times in the week..

I got a complete body workout including strength, cardio and flexibility in minutes

I saved over 6 hours of my precious time by not driving to and from the gym to work out

My energy soared through the roof so I was more productive than ever

Smooth, tight thighs with a lot less cellulite! Woo hoo!

Believe it or not, I had next to no muscle soreness after exercising, a good sore, but I could still function.

My muscles looked leaner, more toned and elongated as if I'd been stretched

Even my breasts perked up!

I knew I looked different. At lunch, my girlfriends knew something was up. They said I had a new glow, a "wasp-like" waist and a sassy confidence they'd never seen on me before.

What was my secret to looking so smoking hot so quickly?

They were dying to know.

You should have seen the stunned looks on their faces when I explained RYAN RAW Online Workouts to them, LOL!

Best of all, even my husband noticed how sculpted my body had become. Nothing makes me feel sexier than knowing the effect I have on my man. 

This online workout program actually free's up hours in your crazed workweek. It's a gym and personal trainer in your computer!

If you're a woman who's short on time, Ryan Shanahan's Kettlebell online program is perfect for your schedule.

It's so refreshing and invigorating, you'll find yourself looking forward to taking a break with your Ryan Raw online kettlebell workout.

“Now It’s Your Turn To Tone Up, Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look The Best You Ever Have. 


Ryan Shanahan is the Worlds Leading Kettlebell Trainer

Kettlebell Bicep Workout

Top Trainer at Madonna's Gym & Highly Sought After Personal Trainer to superstars, athletes and exclusive private clients, including the cast and crew of Major Feature Films!


Now, Ryan has developed his new signature online workout program just for you. His 'Celebrity Trainer Secrets' program will guide you week by week.


With the best Fat Loss Nutrition Programs, The Ultimate Exercises for Muscle Target Sculpting & Powerful Motivation & Goal Achieving Techniques.


In Fact, Ryan Shanahan's Programs were Voted Top Online Workouts by British GQ Magazine!!!


Ryan Shanahan Celebrity List


Can You Commit To...

20 Minutes, 3X a Week - Only One Hour Of Exercise

That's All It Takes!


After following this workout program, the entire test group lost an average of over 34% of their body fat. That's solid proof that this is the program for you.

Adrienne B&A Shred

"My Belly Disappeared Almost Overnight"


And it’s no wonder! With Ryan Shanahan's program you can literally lose fat anywhere you want using his secrets! Your belly, your buns, your thighs…it doesn’t matter! All in just 10 to 20 minute workouts, 3 times a week. Better yet, you can do all the workouts in the comfort of your own home.



Ryan & Tanya

Best of Health To You,

💪 Ryan & Tanya ♥

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