How Did Kettlebell Workouts Become So Popular?

Ever wonder how kettlebells became so popular?

Firstly using kettlebells provide a fast, fun and effective workout, they work.
Looking back to the late 90’s a trainer named Pavel started a
‘underground’ kettlebell training movement, mainly within the Military and Special Forces circles.

Professional and elite athletes always looking for methods to increase performance started to incorporate kettlebell training. Believe me, when athletes find an advantage, they keep it secret, so kettlebells, even though they were being used by the best, they were not being widely talked about.

After Military and Elite athletes, which group gets exposed to the new workout secrets???

Hollywood Celebrities!!!

As with elite athletes, in Hollywood training secrets are closely guarded, the difference is, celebrities have paparazzi always spying on them. The paparazzi started catching photos of major actors and actresses training with kettlebells. This started to capture the attention of the media and the media doesn’t like to be left out on workout secrets.

Luck is said to be when Preparation meets Opportunity.

In my case this is true. I had been exposed to kettlebell training very early on during the ‘Underground’ years and at the time was working at a Film Studio personal training for the movie productions and had filmed a kettlebell workout dvd. I was prepared.

Celebrity gossip magazines were writing about how celebrities were using kettlebells to get red carpet ready, some of these celebes were my clients.

The opportunity came when CBS The Early Show wanted to do a segment on Kettlebell training and they contacted me. (The Luck)

On January 3, 2009 at 8:30 a.m, the Secret of Kettlebell Workouts were revealed for the first time on National television. My appearance on CBS The Early Show launched the idea of Kettlebell training into the main-stream.

It would still take another few years to transition from the common “What the Heck is that?” response to today’s “Kettlebells are Cool” response, being featured in every monthly fitness magazine, seen in tv commercials and now nearly every gym offering Kettlebell group classes!

Kettlebells have come a long way and I’m very proud and feel blessed to be one of the early players that help spring board the benefits of kettlebell workouts into Global popularity.

Do I think Kettlebell training is a fad?
A fad comes, goes and is long forgotten because it can’t back up its hype. Over 14 years in, everyday I experience contact from new people wanting to start kettlebell training.

Kettlebells work and are here to stay!

Best of Health,

Ryan Shanahan

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