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The science supports the effectiveness of kettlebell training and its use for all ages.


The American Council on Exercise study, proved you can burn up to 20 calories a minute while training with a kettlebell, thats 400 calories per 20 minute workout. In addition to increasing core strength up to 70%!!!


free ab workout secrets Ryan Shanahan


Ryan Raw Workout routines utilize scientifically structured exercise intervals taking advantage of that massive calorie burn as well as the cardio fitness and core strength building.


"My Stubborn Belly Fat Finally Disappeared"

Adrienne B&A Shred

And it’s no wonder! With Ryan Shanahan's program you can literally lose fat anywhere you want using his workout secrets! Your belly, your buns, your thighs…it doesn’t matter! All in just 10 to 20 minute workouts, 3 times a week. Better yet, you can do all the workouts in the comfort of your own home.



Romeo Lost Over 100lbs in 1 Year On My Program!

Because these routines are all different, your body won't get used to it and you will keep getting great results.

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30 Day Kettlebell Fat Shred Program Value: $99

Celebrity Target Sculpting Program Value: $99

30 Day AB Workout Challenge Value: $99

30 Day Mass Blast Program Value: $99

30 Day Mass Blast Program Value: $99

30 Day Sweat Hard Program Value: $99

30 Day Get Hard Program Value: $99

30 Day Body Sculpt & Fat Burn Program Value: $99

Shred Diet and Recipe Book Value: $47

Supplement Blueprint For Fast Fat Loss Value: $19.99

12 Month Motivation and Goal Setting Coaching Program Value: $99



Seriously, We are Talking Over $1000 Worth of New Workouts and Training Tools For You.


RyanRaw: 365 Personal Training Program

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