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"Ryan Shanahan showed me the way to regain a fit body in record time! In fact, I lost three and a half inches off of each thigh. And it was easy. I'm still stunned, because I've NEVER been able to lose a single pound before without starving myself and being miserable. The fact that I got my shape back so fast and was never hungry, never unhappy, and actually had fun doing it…well, I'm just blown away. And I'll bet you will be, too, once you start The Ryan Raw Results 365 Program Today!" - Linda, Toronto Canda

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Just doing repetitive exercises on cardio machines at the gym drove us crazy and long distance running hurts our knees. So, when we discovered The Ryan Raw Online 365 program, we were excited that we could get a great cardiovascular workout and do weight training at the same and in a short amount of time. With The Ryan Raw Online Workout Program, you can do so many different routines and you can get such an intense workout. It's absolutely wonderful. You Won't Find A Better Online Workout Then This. 

Sarah and John - Ireland

I Look Better Then Before I Got Pregnant! Alanna B&A SHRED

I toned up and finally lost those extra stubborn pounds

Doing Ryan Shanahan's program has changed my life for the better. I see the appeal Online Workouts will have with working moms and women. Time constraints are always a factor. Training at the gym requires at least one-and-a-half to two hours easily, which makes an easy excuse to skip exercise altogether, but with these online workouts, I can keep a kettlebell at home, train for 10-20 minute 3x a week and get amazing results!

- Alanna, Transformation Test Group

I Couldn't Imagine NOT Having This Program In My Life!


Alexx Before & After Picutre Ryan Raw

It's Truly Amazing!

The Sgt Shanahan Beach Body BootCamp Program Got Me Toned, A Flat Stomach and New Energy, that I never had before. In the past I was scared of getting bulky muscles and never really incorporated weights, but adding in the kettlebells really changed my body, especially taking inches off my hips and waistline. Best part is, this program is super easy to follow and only requires 1 hour of exercise per week. I can fit that in! - Alexx, Sgt Shanahan Beach Body BootCamp Transformation Test Group

Romeo Lost Over 100lbs in 1 Year Following This Program!

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Adrienne B&A Shred

"My Belly Disappeared Almost Overnight"


And it’s no wonder! I started with Ryan Shanahan's 30 Day Shred program and literally lost fat anywhere! My belly, My buns, My thighs…Everything got toned! All in just 10 to 20 minute workouts, 3 times a week.




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