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Allow me to fully introduce myself and tell you what I mean when I say, “I understand your struggles with weight loss."

My name is Ryan Shanahan and yes, I train celebrities to look great naked, but, I'm also a Dad of 2 kids. I understand that Life gets busy, life gets hard and you don't mean to, but you get out of shape, you have low energy, low self confidence and hate looking at your flabby love handles and cringe at the cellulite. Your uncomfortable showing your body to anyone, even your own husband or wife. But you know deep inside, you can get it together, get on the right program and make a comeback and start feeling Strong, Sexy and In Charge!!

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Take a look, I'm not only your Ryan Raw trainer, I'm a Ryan Raw customer and so is my wife! These Ryan Raw Online Workout programs are the same workouts I used to make my above Body Transformation, and I did it training at home, with a Kettlebell and only training 3x a week.

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I don't have naturally gifted six-pack abs, I'm not on steroids, I have  young kids that are jumping all over  me at home and never want to sleep, oh yeah and a crazy work schedule, did I mention the old sports injuries. Our list of excuses could go on for days, but truly listen, if you want to make the same changes to your body easily. You stay at home, grab your Kettlebell, follow my specially designed home workout routines and your done 10-20-30 minutes maximum. Stick with the program fors at least 30 day and I guarantee you will look and feel Brand New! It's no joke when I say this program can literally save you hundreds of wasted hours.

Ryan Shanahan Online Motivation Coaching Program

Not only will you incinerate all the fat, sculpt your body from head to toe, get your body strong, improve your health, and make you feel sexier, but it will give you the CONFIDENCE, BELIEF and ATTITUDE to go chase down any far-fetched goal you want to achieve in your business/career, relationships or life.

This is literally life-changing information.

As you can see, I very much understand the weight loss battle, and I know what it takes to lose weight. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people lose weight, regain health and feel great! Now, I want to help YOU tone up, lose weight and feel great, too!!

I’m 100% dedicated to helping you Get Strong, Toned and lose your unwanted weight NOW!


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