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Letter from: Ryan Shanahan, Celebrity Trainer and Founder of Ryan Raw Online Workouts.

Dear Stubborn Flab Hater (lol, lets admit it's true)

You can now get all the tools, systems and knowledge you need to burn off that stubborn belly flab and transform your body for under $100.

If that sounds too good to be true...don't worry, I'll explain exactly what you get and why this offer is so good in just a minute...


  1. It uses our specially formulated 'Escalating Intensity' own secret formula to maximizing results – destroying fat super quick!
  2. It get’s only 20 minute workouts, 3x per week.
  3. It does what it says, Fun, Fast and Super Effective
  4. It melts fat
  5. It carves off stubborn inches
  6. It reshapes your hips, bum and thighs
  7. It’s THE ALL over body transform fat loss program
  8. It’s the real deal from the Global Leader in Kettlebell Training
  9. It’s already a proven success
  10. It takes no more than 20 minutes of your day to get the perfect you
  11. You’ll be amazed at the results
  12. Helps Eliminate Cellulite
  13. There’s no need to travel to a gym

Get Instant Access To All My Fat Loss Secrets 


And I’m not even including the value of the upcoming upgrades!

Is it worth $859? Yes, for now, the value will keep increasing and you will be happy you locked-in this low rate.

And your investment for this amazing system is only $97!

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I’m so confident you will love the RyanRaw Fitness System that I’m offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just give it a try and see how easy it is to lose fat. There’s absolutely zero risk to try it. If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds and inches in less time… let me know and you get your money back after at least giving the program a 30 day trial. Your first week of workouts and nutrition will be available for instant access after payment


$97 USD (one payment) - After one-time purchase you will receive instant access to the entire Results 365 video library for a full year, which includes 12 complete follow along workout programs to make non-stop fitness results!


Why I'm Giving You A Complete Success System...

When you turn on the tv, go online, open a magazine... you are bombarded with fitness products and programs ...some good and others...well, not so good.

One magazine would say to do HIIT training, another would say to lift really heavy weights and go to the gym 6 days a week.

There seem to be a million different experts giving different advice, it gets confusing.

You don't know which program to follow and start flip-flopping  between different workout routines, afraid that your missing out.

Missing out.

Like there was something better your not doing...

... Something that would give you faster results...

 FACT: when you continually flip-flop between workout routines, the only thing you miss out on is RESULTS!!!


This brings us to Why, I'm giving you this complete workout program.


My goal with The Results 365 Home Workout Program was simple...


...To create a“vault”...a literal treasure chest of systemized, step-by-step shortcuts to create a strong, healthy, lean and fit body matter whether you're at a starting fitness level or a seasoned gym goer. Plus make it so affordable that there is zero excuse for you not to get on the fast track to Burning Off Your Stubborn Belly Flab and Truly Enjoying Ideal Fitness.


So I’m going to let you have access to my training secrets...




...for just $97!



Over the past 25 years I’ve helped thousands of people create their ideal body.


In the process I’ve learned exactly what works when it comes to creating a successful and fast body transformation …and I’ve documented it all just for you...


For example...

  • The exact training system that I’ve used personal training celebrities to get red carpet ready.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to strip away stubborn flab.
  • How my unique kettlebell training system set's your fat on fire like no other exercise's.
  • The collection of workout programs and over 12 different step by step playbooks containing exactly what you need to know to Firm and Shrink your waist.
  • How to avoid injuries and gain strength faster.
  • How to combine cool exercises that deliver an unbelievable muscular firming and cardiovascular combination workout in a very short time.
  • How to eliminate cellulite and firm your butt.
  • Priority customer service, so you never have a question that goes unanswered...
  • Incredible exercises to tone your arms and shoulders.
  • A step-by-step guide to optimizing your 'Fountain Of Youth' hormones.
  • The complete playbook that will give you the formula you need to sculpt a graceful and athletic body.
  • Shed cellulite, get a hard butt and enjoy the cardio workout of a lifetime with the Sweat Hard 25/8 program.
  • Stay strong, young, toned and vibrant with my high powered , super kettlebell cardio and strength workouts.
  • A powerful interval training ladder that is a favourite of my celebrity clients.
  • Put my Ultimate Home Workout System into action and turn your body into a fat burning machine machine!
  • You will run with new-found speed, endure longer, handle stress with ridiculous ease and Radiate Confidence!!!
  • ...and that’s just to name a few!

Virtually every aspect of exercise, optimizing your hormones and fat burning nutrition is covered in step-by-step detail so you can immediately access the information you need and put it into action. (There are over 12 of these “Playbooks” and the Library continues to grow.)


The goal was simple: I wanted to develop a ‘one stop shop’ where you could get everything you need to create your Ideal Fit Body.


Workout Systems…


Motivation Coaching…


Nutrition and Diets Programs…


In short, everything you need to get the body you want, all in one easy to access place!


My Personal Vault Of Fitness Secrets.


During the past 25 years I’ve been involved in about every corner of the fitness industry, from starting a training business in my house, to training movie stars on film sets, to creating the #1 kettlebell DVD franchise in the world and this top rated Online Workout Program according to British GQ Magazine.


In fact, the only reason I wanted to share some of my experiences with you is that they all happened for one simple reason…


I discovered the formula for creating success. 


This formula not only helped to build the businesses than I mentioned a moment ago, but it’s allowed me to help thousands of people just lie you transform their bodies quickly and with ease.


Recently I made an important decision.


I’ve decided to take literally ALL of my knowledge, systems and secrets designed to help you create your ideal fit body…




...and release it to you.


You can gain access to the complete vault of Fat Burning and Muscle Firming solutions in The Ryan Raw Results 365 Home Workout Program.


As a “Member,” you get access to everything you need to create your ideal fit body…


And when I figure out something that works, it's systemizd and documented it into a “Playbook” for you (i.e. - a Success Gameplan) that you put into action.


Here’s a quick look at the Programs that are already waiting for you inside The Ryan Raw Results 365 Home Workout Program.…




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You Get Instant Access to These Amazing Body Transformation Workout Programs!!!

30 Day Kettlebell Fat Shred Program Value: $99

Celebrity Target Sculpting Program Value: $99

30 Day AB Workout Challenge Value: $99

30 Day Fat Burn Fight Camp Program Value: $99

30 Day Body-Weight Workout Program

30 Day Body Sculpting Workout Program

Shred Diet and Recipe Book Value: $47

Supplement Blueprint For Fast Fat Loss Value: $19.99

12 Month Motivation and Goal Setting Coaching Program Value: $99

These programs are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally creating your Ideal Fit Body once and for all.

For example…
  • Recieve inspiring, first class personal instruction from one the global fitness leaders.
  • Renew yourself with a constant variety of targeted, powerful workouts that mer your changing needs.
  • Redefine your body and exceed your own beliefs with the fun challenge of Ryan Shanahan's Ultimate Home Workout Program
And by joining today, you can have immediate access to the Workout Programs and the Diets you need to put them into action for just $99.
Yes, just $97.
But that’s not all...
you will get it all...
  • The 30 Day Kettlebell Fat Shred Program
  • The Celebrity Target Sculpt Program
  • The 30 Day ABS Challenge
  • The Lean & Mean Fighting Fit Workouts
  • The Sweat Hard 25/8 Bodyweight only HIIT Interval Program!
  • The Kettlebell Muscle Program
  • The Best Of Ryan Raw Home Kettlebell Workouts
  • Train Like Jane, Not Tarzan Workout For Women
  • 24/7 Access To All Videos and Customer Service - (so you can get help and support whenever and wherever)
  • Plus More...
You Get It - For Just $97
That’s right...
Your investment today is just $97...
Let Me Prove It To You…
I’m sure you can guess that I can’t run a business giving away my best stuff for under $100!
But I’m confident enough in what my Results 365 Home Workout Program has to offer that I’m guessing that you’ll probably choose to stay.
If you do, GREAT!
If not, that’s ok, too.
Just send a message to our friendly Ryan Raw customer service team and you’ll be refunded your purchase price.
So click the GET STARTED button below, and let’s STRONG & LEAN...

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I’m so confident you will love the RyanRaw Fitness System that I’m offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just give it a try and see how easy it is to lose fat. There’s absolutely zero risk to try it. If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds and inches in less time… let me know and you get your money back after at least giving the program a 30 day trial. Your first week of workouts and nutrition will be available for instant access after payment


Can You Commit To...

20 Minutes, 3X a Week - Only One Hour Of Exercise

That's All It Takes!


Adrienne B&A Shred

"My Belly Disappeared Almost Overnight"


And it’s no wonder! I started with Ryan Shanahan's 30 Day Shred program and literally lost fat anywhere! My belly, My buns, My thighs…Everything got toned! All in just 10 to 20 minute workouts, 3 times a week.



How An Overworked Career Woman Whittled 40lbs of Flab Off Her Body, Without Ever Going To The Gym!!!

Linda Ryan Raw Before and After

I'm in The Best Shape of my Life Thanks To This Kettlebell Program!

"Ryan Shanahan showed me the way to regain a fit body in record time! In fact, I lost three and a half inches off of each thigh. And it was easy. I'm still stunned, because I've NEVER been able to lose a single pound before without starving myself and being miserable. The fact that I got my shape back so fast and was never hungry, never unhappy, and actually had fun doing it…well, I'm just blown away. And I'll bet you will be, too, once you start The Ryan Raw Results 365 Program Today!"

- Linda, Toronto Canda

We Lost 15% Body Fat!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.33.24 AM



Just doing repetitive exercises on cardio machines at the gym drove us crazy and long distance running hurts our knees. So, when we discovered The Ryan Raw Online 365 program, we were excited that we could get a great cardiovascular workout and do weight training at the same and in a short amount of time. With The Ryan Raw Online Workout Program, you can do so many different routines and you can get such an intense workout. It's absolutely wonderful. You Won't Find A Better Online Workout Then This. 

Sarah and John - Ireland


I Look Better Then Before I Got Pregnant!
Alanna B&A SHRED

I toned up and finally lost those extra stubborn pounds

Doing Ryan Shanahan's program has changed my life for the better. I see the appeal Online Workouts will have with working moms and women. Time constraints are always a factor. Training at the gym requires at least one-and-a-half to two hours easily, which makes an easy excuse to skip exercise altogether, but with these online workouts, I can keep a kettlebell at home, train for 10-20 minute 3x a week and get amazing results!

- Alanna, Transformation Test Group

I Couldn't Imagine NOT Having This Program In My Life!
Fat to Fit

I am overwhelmed with the results that I achieved. 
Not only did I lose over 25 pounds, but my lifestyle completely changed. I have TONS more energy, I am wearing clothes that fit me versus clothes that hid me. My blood pressure and Cholesterol have been tested and confirmed to be at the levels of a healthy 25 year old.

- Thomas, Ohio Ryan Shanahan Transformation Group

Alexx Before & After Picutre Ryan Raw

It's Truly Amazing!

The Sgt Shanahan Beach Body BootCamp Program Got Me Toned, A Flat Stomach and New Energy, that I never had before. In the past I was scared of getting bulky muscles and never really incorporated weights, but adding in the kettlebells really changed my body, especially taking inches off my hips and waistline. Best part is, this program is super easy to follow and only requires 1 hour of exercise per week. I can fit that in!

- Alexx, Sgt Shanahan Beach Body BootCamp Transformation Test Group

The Results Just Keep Coming!

Romeo Lost Over 100lbs in 1 Year Following This Program!

...The Secret To Achieving Your Dream Body is by Tapping into the Secrets of Ryan Shanahan's Body & Life Transformation Program.

Need to know a little more?

Sure thing.  Let me share some more details about our weight loss program and how you can start seeing results immediately.  But first, let me overcome one of the biggest concerns I get when I talk to people about my weight loss program:

“Is this program really right for me?  Am I going to be able to handle it?”


“Is this program really right for me?  Is it going to be too easy or basic?”

That is a very legitimate concern, and actually one I think needs to be asked.  Unfortunately, in today’s quick-fix and make-money-fast world a lot of good people are sold on weight loss programs that just aren’t appropriate for them.  Many of them are too generic, while others are way too advanced, and some are just downright INSANE!

The short answer to you question is, YES!

Now, let me explain how and why my Results 365 Body Sculpting & Weight Loss Program IS Appropriate for ALL Fitness Levels.”

Seriously, this program works for EVERYONE who wants it to.  Just take a look at the amazing results from all different types of people.  I bet one of our successful Body & Life Transformations  started off in a very similar spot as you…

Appropriate for ALL Fitness Levels

All Your Questions Answered...


In just a few short weeks not only will you feel the difference but you’ll actually see the difference. Firmer bum and toned hips and thighs, it’s a complete body work out that’s so simple to follow. We have loads of testimonials from ladies stating that The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program has made more difference in weeks than years of attending the gym.


Loads of women and men just like you join a gym with good intentions and then simply just don’t go for lots of reasons so you’re not on your own with this one! I promise you that you can follow this program in the comfort of your own home in clothing that doesn’t have to match!! If you’re looking for a program that you can do at home and in your own time then The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program IS THE program for you.


With the The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program there is no need for you to travel anywhere. We developed this workout with you in mind so that its both convenient and extremely easy to fit The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program in to your day and still get the body you The exercises are easy to follow and after just 20 mins a day a few times a week you’ll really start to see the difference.


I sympathise, I really do. My wife and I had the very same problem and because you’re a busy Mom (and even if you have limited time & space at home) The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program is ideal to fit in especially if you’re a working Mom too!! After years of developing and perfecting this program we have completely removed the need for you to buy expensive exercise equipment like treadmills or cross-trainers (that will eventually become a dumping ground for your clothes). The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program really is easy to follow, 3 workouts per week and 1 kettlebell is all you need and is a complete toning tool delivering lightening speed results with maximum impact.


Hey don’t give up. Lots of my new clients are just like you. Do you think you’re on your own? No, these clients were just the same and I promise you “I never get the results I want” will be words of the past. You’ll be amazed at the results you get in a matter of weeks.

The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program works all of the body all of the time – it’s the greatest fat loss, toning and training tool there is.


And that’s exactly why we put the fun element in to exercising. It’s not the exercising that’s boring it’s the not getting the results you that’s boring!

Boring is the one thing that The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program isn’ could never call it boring! It’s like having me as your own personal trainer in your living room every day to keep you motivated. You’ll feel better and fitter and see a physical difference in weeks and the routines are both varied and fun.


I agree. Gym memberships can be expensive if you have committed to paying a membership fee monthly and then cannot find the time to go or bought equipment in the past that you’re not using (apart from to hang your clothes on that is). The 'Results 365' Program is a fraction of a gym membership fee and Ryan Shanahan is always there and ready for you to train with. All you need is a kettlebell or two and these days kettlebells can be purchased at just about any department store for less then a $1 per pound. The Results 365 Program = No Money Wasted.


If any of this sounds familiar then The ‘RESULTS 365' Kettlebell program really is for you...


Top Trainer at Madonna's Gym & Highly Sought After Personal Trainer to superstars, athletes and exclusive private clients, including the cast and crew of Major Feature Films!
Now, Ryan has developed his new signature online workout program just for you. 
His Ultimate ‘Results 365’ Body & Life Transformation Program will guide you week by week.
With the best Fat Loss Nutrition Programs, The Ultimate Exercises for Muscle Target Sculpting & Powerful Motivation & Goal Achieving Techniques.
In Fact, Ryan Shanahan's Program was Featured As
Top Online Workout by British GQ Magazine!!!

Play your workouts from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Whether you're traveling for work, on vacation, or would rather do your workouts in the gym, now you can bring your Ryan Raw On Demand programs with you wherever you go.

Instantly stream and download Ryan Shanahan's world-class workout programs, including:

30 DAY Kettlebell Shred®

Kettlebell Celebrity Sculpt®

Sweat Hard 25/8®

30 Day AB Challenge

Kettlebell Mass Blast®

30 Day Fight Camp®

Kettlebell Hip Hop Abs®

and more!

New workouts and programs are added each month, so you'll keep seeing results and never run out of workout options!

With unlimited streaming and download access to hundreds of workouts in our Member-Only Video Library—more than a $2,000 value—Ryan Raw On Demand is a one-stop shop for your online workouts.


Start Training With Ryan Today!!!

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I’m so confident you will love the RyanRaw Fitness System that I’m offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just give it a try and see how easy it is to lose fat. There’s absolutely zero risk to try it. If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds and inches in less time… let me know and you get your money back after at least giving the program a 30 day trial. Your first week of workouts and nutrition will be available for instant access after payment

NOTE: This is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, digital videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.