Dear Stubborn Fat Hater


Lol, it’s true.

Is this going to be another false start where after 3 weeks you quit again and once again get frustrated you didn’t reach your fitness goals?



Have you said “Enough is enough” this time is the real comeback, you stay fully committed for the first 30 days and start getting into the best shape of your life?


Over the next 14 days I’m going to help you jump start your fitness comeback by hooking you up with all my best selling Kettlebell Body Transformation Program for FREE.

This Body Transformation program will help you burn fat, build lean muscle, improve strength, increase definition, start seeing some washboard ab definition, build cardio, be more athletic and propel you into the best shape of your life!


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One of the truly unique things about the Ryan Raw Programs is my approach to scheduling.

While many programs may design their workouts week-to-week or even day-to-day, as your personal trainer, I design your workouts annually!

Yes, every workout is pre-programmed to ensure a proper training “flow,” which provides you with the best possible results that last a lifetime and have you beach body ready all year!

The secret process used by champions is referred to as Periodization. 

Periodization employs phase-specific variations of training, each with a specific goal or training adaptation.

Periodization systematically overloads the body to create a desired physical change while balancing work and rest to avoid overtraining, burnout, and/or injury.

Ultimately, the annual training program aims at achieving making you Stronger, Leaner, Flexible and Feeling Younger.

RyanRaw divides your annual training program into 12 phases.

Each of these phases is programmed with a specific training adaption in mind taking into account the different muscle fiber types and energy systems we have in our bodies.

Each training cycle is approximately 4 weeks in length, although there is some variation based on the holiday/school calendar for your convenience.

Each week consists of three training sessions that we label Core, Cardio, Sculpt & Bonus.

These training sessions are performed Monday, Wednesday & Friday, Bonus Saturday, respectively and repeated each week.

Periodization is a very important training philosophy to understand.

Periodization will Challenge your muscles, not Overtrain them.

Overtraining your muscles is a very deep hole to climb out of once you’ve fallen into it and that means your results get halted.

Challenging your muscles will make them stronger, and more metabolic…ultimately burning loads of unwanted fat!

This can only be accomplished through Periodization and gradually increasing intensity over a 4 week cycle. 

As you become more skilled at an exercise each week, you’ll be able to recruit more muscle fibers, do more work (higher weight or more reps), and see greater results.

Each training session has a very specific purpose in the program as well.
During some phases each training session will incorporate;

> HIIT Intervals
> R.A.M.P Circuits
> Burn 90 Endurance Sets
> Timed Challenges
> Isometrics
> Mobility Work
> Target Sculpting T.U.T
> Neural Traning as well as other training techniques.

All methods are beneficial and have their place in an overall training program.

I have more more good news for you.

After 25 years of training, I know exactly what place to put each method into your program for the best effect.

From now on, your going to stop doing random exercise routines found in fitness magazine’s and Start Training for Real Results with The Ryan Raw 365 Plan.

The Ryan Raw Celebrity Trainer Secrets Program will ensure that you continue to make measurable progress, which will keep you energized and interested in reaching your goals.

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To Your Success,


Ryan Shanahan



Get Your RESULTS 365 Workout Fitness Bundle <= 2 Day Boxing Day Sale (75% OFF)

Grab the 30 Day Aggressive Fat Loss Program <= 2 Day Boxing Day Sale (75% OFF)