"This Guy Is The Real Deal" -Cheryl Hickey Entertainment Tonight Canada

“This Guy Is The Real Deal”
-Cheryl Hickey Entertainment Tonight Canada


Ryan Shanahan: Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Age: 44

Height: 6 foot 2

Weight: 205 pounds

Body Fat: 10%

Motto: “Make it Happen”

Contact: hello@ryanraw.com


Welcome to the Ryan Raw Online Workouts.

My name is Ryan Shanahan, I have worked over 25 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Training Specialist , MMA Conditioning Coach, and Fat Loss Guru to Hollywood Celebrities.

Athletically, I have played Professional Hockey, represented Team Canada at the World Duathlon Championships, won 2nd place at the Mr.Toronto Bodybuilding Contest, Entered a MMA Cage Fight at 38 years old, just for the fun of it.

My favourite part of life is being a father of my 2 awesome young kids.

The Bright Lights

For years I operated a personal training studio within the Toronto Film Studios and worked with the cast of movies such as The Hulk. Max Payne, The Love Guru, Saw, Boondog Saints 2 and several other productions.

A few of the most memorable celebrities I’ve met are The Rolling Stones, Al Pacino, Lance Armstrong and Dolph Lundgren, because of the intensity, focus and power they exuded.

Coolest celeb to hang out was the late Micheal Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) he was also the strongest man I’ve ever seen, he lifted the heaviest weights like feathers, truly incredible.

One celeb I trained with and totally surprised with the amount of muscle he had was Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zach from Saved by the Bell)!

Working with these celebrities also enabled me to step into the spotlight which has included over 100 TV appearances on shows such as The Doctors, CBS Early Show, QVC and other shopping channels around the world. I also helped create and star in one of the most watched TV Fitness Infomercials ever made, along with developing the #1 Selling Kettlebell DVDs, which have been dubbed in 7 different languages. I’m currently the top trainer at Madonna’s Hard Candy gym in Toronto.

I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn… What I’ve experienced the past 25 years is Totally Awesome!!!

This leads us to the mission and purpose of Ryan Raw Online Workouts.

Ryan Raw is to inspire you, to show you, exactly how to become a New You!  Get A New Body, New Health, New Confidence!
>Ryan Raw is High Def  Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workouts filmed in home and at other visually cool locations. 
> Coaching and Motivation.
> A Video Library of over 170 workout videos with Instant Download Access
> Ryan Raw is cutting edge nutritional information.
> Specialized Programs for Fat Loss, Gaining Strength and Endurance.
> Ryan Raw is me, my wife, a great team of guest trainers, and you working together as a Team!

Ryan Raw is about never giving up and making a Great Comeback Story.

If Your Answer Is YES!  ==> Click Here <==

When your apart of The Ryan Raw Workout Warriors, I will challenge you to take action toward your goals.

You will be asked to Train consistently and step outside your comfort zone in order to reach greatness. 

There is 'The Best Version' inside of you and I am determined to make sure you believe it and live it.

Until next time, a powerful motto to live by is, 'TNT', Today, Not Tomorrow! 
To Your Successes, 
Coach Ryan Shanahan

4 thoughts on “Meet Your Trainer

  1. Hello, I’m a sub-editor at British GQ magazine. We’re running a page on web workouts and ryanraw.com is included in our list. I need to check a few facts before sending the page through the production system. Is there an email address that I could send my facts to – maybe somebody from the site could OK them. Many thanks. Lee

  2. Hi Ryan!

    It’s really great to read all that you have done over the years. Its’ all so amazing. I am not surprised though because you were such a great trainer at that gym on Charles street back in the day.

    I’m love the being a part of the Ryan Raw 365 program. I really needed to change the unhealthy sedentary full of stress road I was on. I look so forward to your training sessions and eating regime. I’m starting to notice my clothes fitting less tight and I have set goals to keep it mindful with meaning rather than just following along. Really getting a sweat on.
    So glad my naturopath recommended you!

    Thank you Ryan!

  3. I first met you Ryan about 5years ago. I was working at Proud FM and we were doing a Sargent Shannahan Kettle bell promotion. At the time, I was working out with a personal trainer. They were okay but because we were doing our own ‘on-air’ promotion, that trainer worked me hard to get maximum results. Too hard actually. I did lose 80 lbs but my body was in constant pain and shock. I may have lost weight, but I couldn’t enjoy it, let alone move. My body was always in shock and trying to recover. I may have been healthier, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I could barely move, even walking hurt! 50 lbs away from my goal, I quit. Cold. I sat down for 2 years and ate my way back to my starting weight…pain free for the first time in 2 years. Well, almost. As I put the weight back on, my knees started to hurt, so did my back, my ankles…it all hurt. I also had a new TV show on the air, Knock Knock Ghost and there I was on TV, looking fatter than I’d ever looked before. So I took matters into my own hands. I started watching what I was eating and walking to and from work as much as possible. I was starting to feel better but I didn’t need a trainer to tell me it wasn’t enough to turn things around. That’s when I saw your 365 day program. I already feel like I’m back on the road to healthy. With your coaching, I’ve downloaded apps to monitor my walking and calories. I just achieved my first 10,000 step day and am eating under 3,000 calories a day! In 2016, I’m going to be 50. I don’t want to be fat and 50, and because I can’t not be 50, I’m making a commitment to not be fat. Thanks for the jump start, Ryan! Here’s to being 50 and fit for 2016 and beyond!

  4. I turned 60 last year and decided that I would get back into shape so that I can take care of myself well into old age. I love kettlebells and really enjoyed working out with you on your early kettlebell DVDs. The pace and length of your workouts are ideal for me. I have been revisiting the old DVDs and decided to see if I could find anything new from you……I was really excited to see Ryan Raw and immediately signed up for the 1 year access to your workouts. I am loving the variety and can already see changes in my body. I’m starting with the 10lb bell and use an 18lb for the swings and I am really looking forward to working my way through your 12 month of workouts. Keep up the good work Ryan!!!!

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