brian Micheals

One look at Brian’s before and after photos and you can see how well KettleWorx is working for 52-year-old Brian M of Florida! Brian discovered KettleWorx when he was stuck at 220 lbs and looking for a full body workout that he could commit to. He’s now 195 lbs and hasn’t been this fit since he was in the Army 30 years ago!

Take inspiration from Brian’s email excerpts as he went from his self-described “Fat-Brian” to “KettleWorx Brian!”

“I am male 52 out of shape and looking to improving my health and firm up and lose my gut. Wow three weeks into your program and I can already see my ribs. I am doing the 3 workouts per week Mon, Wed, Fri and look forward to the end of the day so I can do my Kettleworx workout.”

“I started with the 20lb kettlebell and switched to 10lb to get better form and I can tell you that little 10lb kettlebell still kicked my butt at times and still does, but in a good way.” (Update: Brian now uses the 15 lb and 20 lb kettlebells!)

“Looking forward level 2 Kettleworx’s. I can only get better. Love the workouts. Yes it hard some days but in 20 min’s you’re done and Wow the changes to your body are fantastic.”

“Just an update FINISHED Kettleworx Advance! Week 6 – WOW! What a fantastic 12 weeks of fun and fitness. What a change “FAT Brian NO MORE” now that I graduated from Ryan Shanahan’s KettleworX University I’ve got Kettletude!”

Kettletude… you want to workout because it’s fun!
Kettletude… you want to tell your friends about Kettleworx
Kettletude… you can change.
Kettletude… you’re up for any challenge.
Kettletude… you can do it.