• AGE 41
  • WAIST FROM SIZE 54″ TO 36/37″

It all began with 1 man on a mission and a 5 lb kettlebell!

“In March 2011, I had just turned 40 and weighed 306 lbs. I began seeing a nutritionist, whose eating approach and plan has helped me gain control of my eating habits, but in addition I began doing Kettlebells as my primary exercise regimen. In one year’s time I’ve lost 104 lbs, but more importantly I have really reshaped my body going from a size 54 waist to 36/37 waist. I started with a 5lb Kettlebell and have progressed over time (5 to 10 to 15lb). I am now moving on to a 20lb Kettlebell. I also have been using the Advance set of workouts since January. As someone who hadn’t worked out in 20 years and who has two surgically repaired knees, I have found the workouts to be great. They challenged me without hurting my joints. I have developed strength and muscle tone, like I have never had in my life. Kettleworx is a focused workout that doesn’t require excessive hours, but gets results. Thanks to Ryan, Kimberly, Heather, Jamie, Andy, Jamal and the rest of my TV workout buddies for helping me change my life for the better.”

Mission Impossible. Or Mission I M POSSIBLE. You choose.

Important KettleWorx Note: It is recommended that ALL individuals consult their doctor before beginning ANY exercise program.


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