Q – Hi Ryan, I need to recruit your help with my husband.

He won’t listen to me and he seems to hold your word as gospel. He wants to start using a protein powder drink mix after your Kettleworx DVD workouts. My question is protein powder healthy? Any words of wisdom you could suggest to him would be wonderful.

Thank You,

A – That’s a very important question Vanessa. I strongly believe that whey protein powder is a very healthful supplement to your diet and excellent source of protein. However, the source and how it’s processed are of primary importance. Most commercial store bought whey protein products are artificially sweetened, processed with heat and acid, and according to July 2010 contaminated with heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. All of these factors render them completely useless from a health perspective. For these reasons, I strongly recommend New Zealand produced whey protein, which is often referred to as the gold standard of protein powder. The KettleWorx Proventive Whey product is made from New Zealand grass-fed dairy that has been minimally processed. Proventive Whey product is cold processed, non-acid treated, and naturally sweetened with Stevia. It’s an excellent post – workout recovery drink and is absolutely delicious. So, Vanessa, protein drinks CAN be quite beneficial as a healthy supplement and for increasing muscle tone but make sure the product your husband buys fulfills the healthy criteria I’ve noted to ensure that he is getting the safest, healthiest protein supplement possible.

To Your Success,