Q – Hi Ryan…Quick question… I have been doing the cardio, resistance and core dvds, skipping a day in between…is that enough or should I be doing something else? I have started week 5 and do see some results but not sure if there is something I should be doing other than the bonus dvds to boost my weight loss. The scale is not moving. Any suggestions?
– Linda

A – Thank you for your question Linda.

Making the easy effort to improve your quality of sleep will make a big difference in how you look, perform, and even age! When you sleep your brain recharges, your fat burning hormones balance, your immune system strengthens, and your muscles tone. Consistent sleep over the long-term has been linked to “successful” aging.

Lack of sleep due to staying up watching TV until 1 am has these negative effects on your body:

Impacts your positive emotional mood.

Are you having a hard time dragging yourself off the couch to do a 20-minute KettleWorx workout? Most likely you had a short sleep the night before.

It only takes a SINGLE NIGHT of sleep loss for your body to increases systemic inflammation and impair your body’s ability to lose weight and tone muscles!

Might be why you’re not seeing your weight on the scale drop and/or lacking definition.

Sleep deprivation was a common torture tool in the USSR, and in extreme cases can cause death.

My cute and cuddly 3 week newborn baby boy may be a Russian Spy, because he is using that same torture technique on me and my wife.

How much sleep do you need to maximize Fat Loss and Muscle Toning? I understand the demands of being a parent and working hard. I know SIX hours of QUALITY shut eye is doable and effective. Most people think they can get by with less sleep but all they’re really doing is adapting to functioning at a lower cognitive level! We want KettleWorx peak performance level.

My Tips for getting 6 hours of Fat Burning Sleep:

1) Be in bed BEFORE midnight. Pre-midnight sleep equals 2 hours post-midnight sleep!
2) Turn off your TV and computer at least 1 hour before bed. The screen light messes with your body’s natural sleep inducing hormones.
3) Listen to a meditation track on your IPod. The deep breathing track can put you to sleep within 5 minutes.

Make a pact to improve your sleep Monday – Friday. Try these techniques. And watch the numbers on the scale break your body weight plateau.

To Your Success,